10 Fully Funded Scholarships in UK For International Students

Summary of scholarships in the UK for international students.

If you are an international student, then this article is your opportunity to earn a scholarship in the UK. It is common knowledge that winning a place in one of the prestigious universities in the UK costs a fortune. Moreover, currency fluctuation makes it worse for international candidates. Well, this article is your guide to win a scholarship in the United Kingdom. Moreover, you won’t even need a safety fund.

As a student, you are obliged to find the opportunity and the program that fits you and whether you meet their criteria.

A lot of scholarships in the UK are targeted for internationals.

Here are some scholarships that are funded by the UK government:

1st in the list is: Chevening scholarships

This opportunity covers tuition fees and offers students a proper allowance for other expenses. Moreover, it pays for the airplane ticket for the student to come from their home country to the UK.

You also need to apply for at least three master’s programs to apply to the Chevening scholarship.

The online application starts in august of each year to start on the following year.

2nd in the list: Commonwealth scholarships:

All students issuing from one of the commonwealth countries are invited to apply. If you finished your bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue your master’s abroad then this is your chance. It covers tuition fees, airplane tickets…etc.

3rd on the list: Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Internationals willing to do a full-time master’s or Ph.D. programs are a good fit for this opportunity

4th on the list: Rhodes Scholarship by the University of Oxford:

This scholarship was founded in 1902 and is one of the oldest scholarships in the world for the infamous university of Oxford. Only certain countries are eligible to apply for one of the postgraduate programs available.

5th is the Global Research Scholarship by the University of Edinburg:

The University of Edinburg is offering 30 internationals who are willing to enroll in a Ph.D. research program. The scholarship consists of cutting the tuition fee until it is equivalent to that of a domestic student and does not cover living expenses.

6th is Denys Holland Scholarship by University College London:

Based on their financial need, international students are invited to apply for a scholarship offered by UCL, while demonstrating their financial difficulty.

7th: Scholarships by Bristol University:

5 scholarships are given out each year to international students who desire to take part in an undergraduate level degree.

8th: Chancellor’s Scholarship by the University of West England:

There are various offers for internationals. Some students may be required to take an internship parallel to their courses.

9th: International Scholarships by the University of Westminster:

All students from developing countries who are willing to take part in a full-time master’s program in any field of study.

10th: Developing Solutions Scholarships by the University of Nottingham:

All students from the developing world including Africa, India, and Commonwealth countries are all qualified for this scholarship.


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